Meet Rick

My name is Rick Vandermeer and I am an evidential medium. Born with abilities, I have had a lifetime of experiences with spirit. Over time I discovered that my ability could help others in a meaningful way. It was then that I began to explore a deeper connection to spirit.

What I find most important as a medium is to really connect with other people about what is most essential to their lives. I hope to offer you a meaningful and authentic experience with warmth, compassion, and respect.

I’ve always been interested in people. Professionally, I have worked as an elementary school teacher and cared for people with disabilities. It has taught me that everyone deserves to be heard and seen. And everyone’s story is important.

During our reading I wish for you to feel safe and at ease. It is good to prepare for your reading so you’ll know what to expect, and to get the most out of your reading.


Preparing for your reading:

  • There is nothing to fear. Spirit communication is about positive healing and loving support.
  • It is important that you are comfortable and in quiet surroundings without disturbances. Anyone else in the room can affect the quality of the reading.
  • For readings with more than one sitter, I cannot guarantee to whom the reading will go.
  • I only read for adults 18 years of age and older.
  • Evidential mediumship is not a perfect science. There needs to be some room for interpretation. If I give ten points of information and two of those don’t fit, please do not disregard the rest of the information. About eighty percent accuracy is generally considered a success.
  • Do not give me any information about yourself or your loved ones prior to your reading. During our reading just validate with ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘I’m not sure’.
  • There are no guarantees who will come through. That’s up to spirit. My task is to interpret the information they give me.
  • Be open to messages from anyone coming through. If you are too focused on hearing only from one specific person, or one specific topic, you will miss valuable messages that others can provide. Messages are often more about what spirit believes you need to hear than about what you want to hear.
  • If someone presents that you don’t want to hear from, please tell me and I will end the connection.
  • Your loved ones can choose to present themselves at any age.
  • Your loved ones may provide information you can’t immediately validate. Often, later on, family or friends may validate information you were unaware of or something may come to you.
  • Being an evidential medium, I don’t do fates and fortunes. Meaning, I don’t predict death, illness, love life, or give advice about life decisions. Evidential mediumship is only about connecting to your loved ones in a meaningful way. Also, please do not expect your loved ones to ‘tell you what to do’. You remain responsible for your decisions.
  • You may take notes or record. However, any recordings are private and should not be shared in any social media format.


40 minute mediumship

reading by ZOOM

Price: $65

Or contact me if you have further questions