Evidential Medium

As an evidential medium I use my ability to provide details about your loved ones that only you could know. But also to bring through your loved ones’ messages and presence. I understand and recognize the importance in assisting you in your process of healing, in the knowledge that your loved ones are always with you, and want to support you in your life’s journey.

Be given unique verifiable details about your loved ones that will allow you to clearly recognize them.

Receive evidence showing your loved ones are still with you and are seeing your life now.

Reconnect with your loved ones and take a trip down memory lane.

Feel their presence and love for you.

Hear what was left unsaid.

Find peace and reassurance.

Move forward with a renewed sense of clarity and closure.

“Rick is an exceptionally kind, sensitive, and accurate medium. His readings arise from that infinite sweet spot of talent and tenderness. He is the real deal. He brings through evidence of my loved one’s presence that are so particular and unique that there is no other possible explanation than that my loved one is with him. I highly recommend Rick.”

Colleen B. California

“Rick has an incredible gift to connect with spirit, and he is authentic with in his expression of both compassion and candour. He has connected with several of my departed loved ones, but I was most touched when he recently connected with my grandmother. He was able to share important names, her appearance, personality, and her feelings about an event. I had a special relationship with her and Rick reminded me that she continues to be present in my life.”

Nicole M. Toronto

“Rick is a genuine, warm communicator. He connected to my relatives in spirit with love and compassion. He was sensitive and honest whilst delivering messages, providing proof that my family is still with me.”

Mary T. Milton Keynes

“Rick is that rarest of mediums because he not only has strong evidence but the sincerity met with profound compassion ensures any person blessed to work with him will experience a healing that will offer hope to any soul in grief. Rick is the gentle introvert that will never let the world know how gifted and unique his work is as a medium because he is that heart of service we all hope to greet us when grief arrives at our doorstep.”

Brian B. Lafayette, Colorado

“Sensitive, compassionate, kind, and ethical, all describe Rick Vandermeer, an evidential medium who feels the essence of the spirit communicator while connecting. Rick provided indubitable evidence that offered me joy and comfort when bringing through multiple departed family members and my dearest childhood friend in spirit.”

Linda B. Stuart, Florida

“I have known Rick as an evidential medium for about a year. His outstanding intuitive psychic abilities were what I first had noticed. But his honed mediumship is what is truly impressive. Rick marries compassion, ethics, integrity, and evidence – wow, the evidence! – and consistently delivers spot-on readings. I feel privileged to experience his work.”

Deborah C. Florida

“It is simply amazing to receive a reading from Rick Vandermeer. His ability to depict the personality, habits and behaviors of your loved one in spirit, and the accuracy of the evidence, is most impressive. Rick paints a realistic portrait of how the person that is now in spirit, lived, and the events that shaped their beliefs, attitudes and choices. What sets Rick’s readings apart, is that he creates a narrative that puts the full expanse of the spirit person’s life in perspective; the how, the why of the decisions and choices made along the way, and most importantly, what the message is for you. It is a truly healing experience.”

Sue F. Michigan

40 minute mediumship

reading by ZOOM

Price: $65

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