Can Your Deceased Loved Ones Help You? Signs From Heaven

When a loved one dies, we don’t only lose the person we care for. But we also lose their help, support, and guidance in the physical world. Losing someone is hard enough in and of itself. But having to face the difficulties of our lives without their help is a second loss. And it is one we don’t talk about as much. So you may wonder whether your deceased loved ones can help you from heaven?

Your deceased loved ones can help you from heaven. Their help often comes in the form of gut feelings. Your loved ones also direct your attention towards important reminders that improve your happiness and set you on the path of your life’s purpose.

As a medium, I communicate with my loved ones who have passed regularly. And they are more than willing to help me in my life in many ways. For me, this helpful communication goes beyond gut feelings and important reminders in the form of signs. It is a comfort for which I am very grateful and which helps me in my calling to help others.

But you certainly don’t have to be a medium to receive help and guidance from your loved ones. Every person on the planet gets gut feelings. Those little nudges in your soul that let you know if something is right for you or not, come from your loved ones (or spirit guides).

Loved ones also help us through signs. How does that work?

In those moments that are especially important to you, your loved ones redirect your attention toward something that reminds you of your loving connection to them or some symbol that reminds you of your true self and life’s purpose. Your loved one’s soul isn’t in the sign itself. For instance, their soul isn’t in the butterfly you suddenly notice. But they do direct your attention to the butterfly or any other sign that holds meaning for you.

Your loved ones’ help isn’t as practical as giving you direct advice to sell your house, go through with a business deal, or communicating the winning lottery numbers (sorry). And they can’t physically help you with your garden work or clean around the house. But their nudges and signs do help to remind you to act from the perspective of who you truly are. And if you act from a greater sense of self, your decisions will also match what your soul needs to thrive to a greater degree.

In short: Your loved ones won’t make choices for you. That responsibility remains yours and yours alone. But they will help you in raising your natural awareness of what your soul needs. And really, that is all the help we need to make better choices.

Can your Deceased Loved Ones Protect you?

Your loved ones give you nudges and signs that help you make better decisions. But you might wonder if your loved ones also protect you?

Your deceased loved ones can protect you. They offer protection through warnings to be mindful of or steer away from dangerous or destructive situations. They also protect you by offering guidance on how to best deal with dangerous situations and reach safety.

Just like with help, the protection our deceased loved ones offer comes in the form of gut feelings, knowing your strength, and reminders of who you are. So yes, in my experience loved ones – or spirit – do give warnings to dangerous situations. But it is important to remember that we remain free to follow those warnings or not. Because spirit understands that we must remain free to live our lives how we wish to. Even when we make bad choices, they are ours to make and learn from.

The inklings we get are to remind us of who we are. In times of great danger, those reminders can be more powerful than in others, as a client named Peter reminded me.

“When Peter was eight years old he was playing on a cliffside beach and decided to climb up the vertical rock face. After climbing up about 30 feet, he decided to climb sideways. He didn’t look down until he felt that the rocks he was clinging to had grown wet. When he did look down he saw waves violently breaking beneath him. In his playful enthusiasm, he had climbed out over the sea.

As the realization dawned on him that one slip on the wet rock face would certainly end his life, fear started to overwhelm him. And he knew if he panicked his life would be over. And at that moment he felt a sudden gentle calm come over him. It reminded him that he loved to climb and was a very good climber. And all he needed to get back to safety was to make one good decision after another.

So he decided that he would climb back the way he came because he already knew he could climb that route and the rocks had been dry. And that voice inside him agreed. He also decided that he would not let fear drive him and that he just had to calmly and methodically focus on making good climbing decisions, never letting his attention stray for even a moment. Eventually, Peter made it back to the beach where he started shaking uncontrollably to release the tension of that life-threatening situation. But he told me that he never once wavered during his descent, feeling perfectly calm and confident in his ability. And it was spirit who had been reminding him of his true strength every step of the way.”

This story always stayed with me because it so perfectly illustrated how our loved ones protect us from heaven. No hand of God came down from heaven to lift Peter off the cliffside to carry him to safety. But he was reminded in a powerful way of his capacity to save himself with the freedom to follow that guidance or not.

Of course, spirit also knows that all lives end eventually. The goal of life is not to only stay safe or avoid all negative experiences. Our goal is to learn and grow from our experiences and to fulfill our life’s purpose. So what our loved ones, and spirit, are trying to protect us from can be different from what we believe we need protection from.

Do Our Loved Ones in Heaven Pray for us?

Our loved ones can give us gut feelings and direct our attention towards signs that help and protect us on our life’s journey. When WE wish another person well, many of us pray for them. So do our loved ones in heaven pray for us?

Generally speaking, our loved ones in heaven do not pray for us. A prayer can be defined as a solemn request for help or an expression of gratitude from the physical world to God or the spirit world. Therefore, only the living pray.

Of course, it all depends on your definition of praying. Many viewpoints are valid. And I dislike when mediums dismiss other people’s experiences and believe their experience is the only correct one. If you have a different understanding of prayer that is important to you, I certainly wouldn’t want to take away from that. I can only share how I’ve come to view what praying is from my perspective as a medium.

In the physical world, the living mainly communicate through spoken or written words. But spirit communicates directly through thought. There is simply no need to use words. And as a medium, I interpret messages deceased loved ones convey and give words to them so I can relate them to my clients.

It seems to me that when we pray, instead of speaking, we communicate to the spirit world through direct thought. In praying, we use the language of spirit. You could call it ‘soul communication’. A great benefit of communicating from our soul is that the act of communicating itself brings us closer to our soul. And in doing that we become more aware of our life’s purpose. In my view, it is exactly what our loved ones try to make us more aware of when they try to help and protect us. If we view praying as communicating from the soul, then yes, our loved ones pray for us all the time.

Just know any thoughts, emotions, and intentions you send from your soul through prayer are lovingly received by your loved ones. And they will send nudges and gut feelings to your soul as well.

Can your Deceased Loved Ones Love you?

Our loved ones help and protect us. They offer us support and watch over us. But do your loved ones still love you from heaven?

Your deceased loved ones still love you when they go to heaven. The loving bonds you build during your lifetime are eternal. They remain when a loved one passes to heaven. Any negative ego or difficulties fall away. They cannot exist in heaven.

You have a loving relationship with your deceased loved ones that transcends time. In the spirit world, all negative emotions fall away, and only love and connection remain. So your loved ones still love you and do so without any ego, difficulty, or reservations.

A loving father who has passed, that might have found it difficult to express his appreciation during his lifetime, has no trouble doing so from the afterlife. And a sister who was competitive in the physical world, supports you wholeheartedly from spirit.

Your loved ones still love you when they cross over and wish to help and protect you. But they also know that your life is yours to live and you have the freedom – and responsibility – of making your own decisions. They know we are not here to avoid all negative experiences but to learn and grow from them. Even grief transforms into growth eventually. Your loved ones love you and are always available to you. But we have to look for them where they are, not where they are not. And ultimately, the journey you are on together is much greater than this one lifetime. And that is good to know.

With gratitude,

Rick Vandermeer.